We have a range of Home Groups for you to join here at St Aidan’s, so take a look and pick one that suits you!

St Aidan’s has several home groups at present with a combined total of nearly 50 regular participants.  Groups meet weekly for seven consecutive weeks within each of the four school terms.  Anyone in a group can host a meeting and occasionally all groups meet together. Currently, one group meets on Monday afternoons, with two groups meeting on each of Wednesday and Thursday evenings. We also have a Young Adults home group which meets fortnightly on Tuesday evenings.

Being part of a home group fundamentally offers people the opportunity to get to know fellow parishioners at a closer, more intimate level. We explore our faith together in many ways with discussion and prayer being at the forefront. We attempt to offer a safe place to share thoughts and experiences as we try to deepen our understanding of God. To help stimulate good discussion and to give everyone the opportunity to contribute groups share prayer, the reading and study of the scriptures, communion, movies, guest speakers, testimonies, good food and much laughter!

If anyone is interested in joining a group, then contact Louise Anderson or Sheryl (578 2520)