Men’s Ministry

Fishing 2016In the not so distance past there were great men’s events at St Aidan’s, when manly voices could be heard booming proudly and good times were had by all.  The women of the parish have continued to meet (under some fluffy girl name) all this time and the men have not.  It was decided that this cannot be, so a manly gathering was held to rectify the state of affairs.  The ideas flowed, the joy swelled and so the rebirth of manly get togethers began…

Recent Events:

The men had a fantastic day out on the water, once again on ‘Marnine’ a classic 50 ft wooden boat. Overall the fishing wasn’t great and bites were few and far between. When fish were landed there were undersize. Then, about an hour in of this, Glen our Priest in Charge, hooked into something much more substantial. After playing it for about 5 minutes we finally saw a good sized kingfish come to the surface. The fish was netted and brought up on to the boat but unfortunately in a comedy of errors the fish managed to slip off the deck on the back, down on to the boarding platform and at the same time managed to lose the hook. We then all watched dumbstruck as it slipped back into the water and swam to the depths. It was very disappointing but after much discussion we put it down to the sustainable fishing model we chose to follow at that point. The policy was left in abeyance however. After a few hours with nothing to show for our toil we managed to land a nice sized trevally, a snapper and a gurnard which were all quickly put into the bucket. Apart from a great day of beautiful conditions, good food and banter, we were able to go home with something of a feed.

If you’d like to get involved with this group, then talk to Glen.