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Isobell Tregoweth

Meet Isobell, our Website & Social Media Content Manager!

Isobell’s background

Isobell joined St Aidan’s through her high school, Corran, which attended Wednesday services here. After being in the youth group for several years, she (along with Jonathan Lee) became youth pastor’s during Feb 2013 – Feb 2015. Isobell completed her BA in Education and Sociology in 2013 at the University of Auckland, studied at the Ashton Warner Nanny Academy in Stanmore Bay in 2016, and learnt Te Reo Māori Levels 1 -4 during 2018/2019 at Te Wānanga o Aotearoa. Isobell is the part-time St Aidan’s Website & Social Media Content Manager and is the full-time Fundraising Coordinator at Parenting Place Charitable Trust. Please contact Isobell if you have any questions regarding the website, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.